Covers and splash shop for stories (open)

So do you like the cover or do you want me to remake it?

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I like it! I’m waiting for it to get approved!

Do you want me to make you a medium sized cover as well?

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Nah, I’m good.

Need it.

oh okay, since I have school this week I can make it for you by Sunday max

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Hey! :):smile:

This is just a reminder, i asked you cor a small cover? Em?

Yes it’s finished, I can upload it right now

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here it is. Do you like it?

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THIS IS AWESOME!!! thank you!!!


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hi @Trying_To_Help is your story published? I would love to read it

It was already published, I just hid it to edit it.

Want the link?

its ok

I finished editing it a day ago or something XD here is the link:

@Ryan can you please close this thread?

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THIS IS THE LINK TO MY NEW COVER SHOP EM’s new and improved cover, splash, and profile pic shop (open)