Covers and Splashes needed!

Hi, I need covers done for my story that include the characters of my story. I also need one with my character and instagram handle on it! NO PINK PLEASE except for what is on the characters’ outfits.

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I can do it give me the details of what u want.

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I can do it. Come to artistic angels art thread. :blush:


We promise it will be worth your time. :heart_eyes:


Cornrow Faux hair (black)
Upturned Bold Eyes (Hickory)
Skin tone (honey)
Lips full round (taupe)
She HAS to have the diamond heart necklace
Any clothes as long as they are not pink
eyebrows: seductive arch
nose: elven
face: soft heart
She gotta be short too

Best friend 1:
Skin tone: fair
straight hair (blond)
clothes: pink with jeans
round classic eyes (brown)
lips: classic (blush)
eyebrows: seductive round
nose: upturned
face: round

Best friend 2:
beach wave hair (fawn)
face shape: defined heart
eyes: upturned feline (brown)
Mouth: full round (mocha)
skin tone: (tan)
eyebrows: seductive arch
nose: elven

Skin: (taupe)
Nose: (button)
Eyebrows: (thin arch)
eyes: classic round (brown)
lips: smirk (taupe)
face: defined triangle
hair cropped (black)

Sorry that’s hella long. But I want the cover with all of us on there, and then the instagram hande cover with just me on there. Also, could you please put the thin round glasses on my character? (MC)

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I will definitely get back to you. The details of what I want are in the replies below, so you can still make the covers if you want. But I won’t make you :slight_smile: do it

The story name is “Who Even Knows?” and it isn’t published yet, but I want every character to have a weird expression. But the boy has to be annoyed. I am sorry for all these demands :tired_face:

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Oh ok I’m making yours right now.

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THANK YOU! I appreciate it very much. When I get them and they are approved, I will make sure that I give you credit in the story. <3

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Oh ok ur welcome and thank u

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What’s the poses

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I want that one where they sit like a thug for the MC
And disappointed expression for the brother
Uhm apply lipstick for Best Friend 2
And text phone for best friend 1

for the other cover with the insta handle, my insta is @MistressK.epi

Oh ok sounds good

What background do u want

it doesn’t matter- surprise me (as long as it isn’t outside

Oh ok

Do u want me to putt the name of ur story.