Covers and Splashes Shop! (NOT TAKING REQUESTS RIGHT NOW)

WELCOME! This is my first art thread thingy. idek. Anyways, let’s move on… please read everything so I don’t have to repeat myself

I can make story covers and splashes. (LL or Ink)
PSA: I do not draw them, or do it art style, because I have no artistic ability. HOWEVER I can still make great covers if you give me the information that I need. Anyways, time for the actual important stuff lol.

RULES - you have to read this before requesting

1. Do not request the cover/splash anywhere else. That would be wasting my time and possibly wasting the other artist’s time.
2. Be patient- I have a busy life, just like you. If you rush me then your request will be rejected.
3. No rude comments are allowed. Period. If I see anyone being rude or hating then your request will be denied.
4. Do not comment on this topic unless you are requesting something, or asking a question relating to this shop or your request- don’t fill up this topic with unnecessary comments.
4. If I make your request wrong, or you don’t like it, don’t hesitate to say something- I can either redo it, or if you think I can’t then request it somewhere else.
5. You have to put the password in your request or it will be denied- this is to ensure that you have read all the rules.
6. please, when you’re requesting something fill out all the information as it says to do. It makes it much easier for me. password- fairies
7. The password will change every so often. So, make sure to look at it when you’re requesting so that you put the right one.

Information I Need- for covers
  • The character details of the character(s) you want on it AND the pose you want them in AND the outfits you want them in!
  • title of your story
  • colour and font that you would like the title to be (no guarantees that it will be exact :slight_smile: )
  • placement of characters
  • background you want (or I can find one for you just ask)
  • style (creepy, pretty, cute, romantic, etc)
  • large or small cover
  • also, if you want special things in it (zombies, animals, etc.) let me know. see one of my examples so you know what I mean
Waiting List- covers
  1. @Oluuu
  2. @Nour1302
Information I Need- for splashes
  • what you want it to say (example: this story uses music and sounds, turn your volume up
  • (this is optional, I can make a splash without any characters on it if that’s what you want) character details of the character(s) you want on it AND the pose you want them to be in AND the outfit you want them to be in ALSO tell me the placement you want of them
  • colour and font of the words (no guarantees it will be exact)
  • background you want (or I can find one for you :slight_smile: )
  • style (creepy, romantic, cute, etc.)
Waiting List- splashes
  1. @Ellelou14
Examples of Covers I’ve Made

Examples of Splashes I’ve Made

REQUIRED: How to Credit Me
  • credit me by my Forums username- @Lexy_Ellen - at the beginning or end of each episode that the art is used.



Can you save a spot for me I’m looking for a splash :blush:

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Yay thank you so much! :blush:

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so, do you have the details/information for it yet? :slight_smile:

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Im gotta do my chores first so maybe an hour in half will that be okay ? :sweat:


I will be asleep by then it’s currently 10:34 pm where I am but i could always do it tomorrow :slight_smile:

If that’s okay then I’ll request tm :heart: :smile:

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okay :two_hearts:

Can u maybe have time to do a background for me like that?

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Of course! I will need all of the information though :slight_smile:

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U can do INK right? If u can i will send the details

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Yes, I can do ink or LL :slight_smile:

Ok i will send the details shortly

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Hey! I really like your art.
I’ll need some splashes.
But I have a question: Can I PM you? :thinking:

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Aw thanks :two_hearts: and of course you can pm me! :slight_smile:

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Okay! :+1:

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I will be needing what u r going to do for me in a background size
U can refer the down one as a example

u can ues the same bg used in the above pic

  1. the characters i mention below should be at the center of the screen

The wording to be written is meet you guys at next episode… this one at the top of the screen

  1. at the very back …on the side of the sad one… both of them should be a little faded

I hope u got the idea this is for a background for my story so make sure it is in the proper size
If u have any doubts free to ask me!!


do you want to request what you wanted, or have you found somebody else…? Sorry for being impatient but I don’t want to put you on the list if you aren’t requesting it anymore :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused about what you’re asking for… could you explain it a bit more…???