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you’re welcome :slight_smile: although… it might take a while because I have a bunch of other requests right now :woman_shrugging:

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title : Hogwarts Delinquents

my main character (Fergus) looks like this:

i’d like two of him in different poses.

the first:

the second:

I’d also like another character (James)in it he looks like this:

he would be in this pose:

  • colour and font that you would like the title to be: (choose what font you think fits) a black title with a small yellow dots surrounding it

  • placement of characters: the two Ferguses should be large and semi transparent while facing each other , while james is tiny and is walking across the backdrop

  • background you want : a scenery shot of hogwarts

  • style : epic

  • large
    I wouldn’t mind some fog
    and if you can , some witches or wizards on brooms

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is your story about Hogwarts? Because if it is, I think that’s against copyright laws, according to the episode guidelines, because you didn’t make Harry Potter so you don’t own that :confused: maybe I’m wrong idk

Fan-fiction is fair use


okay :slight_smile:

First character female:
HAIR: medium Brown , Wavy Long
EYES: Deepset Downturned
EYECOLOR: Bluegreen
BROWS: Arched Natural Chesnut Brown
LIPS: Full Heart Pouty
NOSE: Defined Natural
SKINCOLOR: Cooper 00

Second character male:
SKINCOLOR: Cooper 00
BROWS: Generic Dark Brown
HAIR: Medium Wavy Taper
EYES: Oval Wide Dark Hazel
FACESHAPE: Square Defined
NOSE: Narrow Straight
MOUTH: Medium Straight Natural

Third character male:
SKINCOLOR: Cooper 01
BROWS: Generic light Brown
HAIR: Short Side Part Curl
EYES: Deepset Downturned
FACESHAPE: Triangle Chiseled
NOSE: Straight Narrow
MOUTH: Medium Straight Natural

TITLE: Selfless
COLOR: Black
PLACEMENT: They should be next to each other like this: Male1,Female,Male2
(I think you know what I mean )
BACKGROUND: You can choose
STYLE: Romantic and a bit of Pretty
Large cover

Sorry that it took so Long :two_hearts:

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Take your time

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Thanks, but you didn’t give me the outfits you want them in :sweat_smile:

I forgot ,I`ll send them now :sweat_smile:

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Okay! Also, could you explain a bit more about the placement of the characters?

not to be rude , but how come I’m not on the waiting list?

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Here are the Outfits and because of the Placement , I want the Girl to be Standing between the Boys .I hope this helps

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The Girl should be blushing and the Boys are both in this Position (Picture below) :

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Because my requests are already full sorry :confused:

Will I not be getting the cover? I can wait.

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well you can get one, but you won’t be put on the waiting/request list. You’ll have to request it again when there’s space :slight_smile:

This is the outfit I want him in please.

Hey can I please have a large small background (one big enough for the screen)

  • I don’t care what pose they are in as long as you think it looks good

  • the title of the story is The Lottery

  • Maybe a cursive font or cutesy font, whatever you think and I don’t care about the color of the font.

  • I don’t care about the placement

  • Can you find a background for me?

  • It’s 2 best friends falling in love so romantic and cutesyish.

    This is the outfit I want her in

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  • what you want it to say: I do not own any of the backgrounds

*you can choose the background

  • style: cute

sorry, my requests are full for covers. You can always request it again later on though :slight_smile:

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Are you still doing the cover for my story or nah

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