Covers and splashes shop quick, good, and free


Hi i am an editor and i do cover and splashes, i do them quick and i do professional art. i use photoshop and i do them for free for people.
tell me if you want one and tell me details like what character and background and stuff… i am not the best but i think i can make it good an hopefully you will like it.

plz comment


i can make them in 3 to 15 minutes


send the details please




she is telling that she can make::joy:::joy:


do u want one? nobody ever wants one from me :frowning:


ok can you make me splash?


Yes! do you want examples or i can just make it details?


Can you send the examples i mean


i will send splashes




i will try to sed a better one not croppd but my computer is mseed pu


@linalilly10 hey can you message me plz


bump please order…


Ummm can you make covers??


Are you sure that yours? Because I’m pretty sure it’s cropped so you could hide the credit name.


You tell her lol


I can’t believe I somewhat believed her


Hey! She’s probably just a kid, don’t be mean…


Oh sorry then