Covers and splashes shop quick, good, and free


hey, this is my art… please credit me.


The one i po sted doesnt look like that


Yes it does…
Its just friggin cropped


What ?


You just cropped the actual pic to hide the watermark


I dont understand


what do u mean crop


Seriously? You dont even know what crop means?


I do but i am still confused


Why are u confused?
You just cropped the pic to hide a watermark
And how can you lose a whole image when u save it as a full inage


Look @Puppyepisode, you have tried to use that persons work on many different topics, everyone knows you are stealing others work. Just trying to be respectful here, you should stop stealing other peoples hard work it is not okay and honestly really rude. A word of advice? You should make your own edits instead of stealing them


what app was used for the text?


No idea. Ask @stronglcve


I think it was photoshop