Covers and Splashes!


I can make covers and splashes, also some overlays, simple ones

request format for covers

Author (Optional):
Images of Main Characters (Optional): if not just describe the characters, hair, skin, nose, mouth etc (WITH THE CHARACTERS NAMES)
Clothes (picture or exact names of clothes)
Ink or ll?
Published? If not, when will it be published?:
Large Cover and/or Small Cover:
When do you need it done by?:
Mood of Cover (dark, scary, happy, bright, etc):
References; Multiple Book/Movie Covers (Optional, but very helpful):
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional):
Instagram Username (Optional):

Background (optional if you want it to be a random color):
layout/what is it for (warning, sound, chapter, mature themes, etc)
color of text (optional if you don’t care):
Instagram username (optional)

examples in my drive

REMEMBER TO GIVE ME CREDIT! my Instagram is episode.shay.13


Is it possible to see some examples


i linked my drive


Okay, thanks


those covers are older, i don’t have any recent ones but i can do different types


Okay, But when I click the link, it takes me to my drive not the images you want me to see. Could you pm me some images?




Ummm… could you pm me the images?