Covers- closed until summer

If you’re in need of a cover for your story and can’t make it please come to me I can Help and make one for you. All I need:

•Time > 2-3 days maybe less depends

•Make sure to credit me @Nora_Writes and @keiji if she does yours

•Please be nice and be patient art takes time.

Waiting List:

@elliie.episode : finished just need to turn in
@littledove1420 : finished just need to turn in
@Senada : starting soon



Do you have examples?:blush:

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Yes I have one I would have more but they aren’t here anymore


I also have a bigger version of this it’s for my story.

Do you have a form of some sort for me to fill out?

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I need a cover please help

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Yes I need an idea of what you want and you need to fill this out:




Hair color


Eyebrow color


Eye color




Lips color



Type of background:

Please fill this out and I’ll start right on it once you’ve finished

Hi!! @Nora_Writes I am in need of a background!! Here are the details!!
Skin: Neutral 03
Hair: Medium curly solid
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Eyebrows: Arched thick styled
Eyebrow color: Chestnut brown
Eyes: Female generic
Eye color: Hazel
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round button upturned
Lips: Full round pouty
Lips color: Rose matte
Outfit: Top- (PP) Beca Boyfriend Flannel, Bottom- (PP) Oversize Outfit Shorts Denim Light Blue, Shoes- High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White
Pose: laugh_chuckle_pose
Background: EXT. LA BEACH - NIGHT on the episode art catalog.

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Can I send you the rest of the characters details tomorrow?

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Ok I’ll be right on it but rn I’m about to go to bed so I’ll start it tomorrow

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And yes

Thank you so much!!

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Are you still helping.

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How many characters are allowed? And are screenshots ok too?

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Your welcome

Yes screen shots are allowed and I can do up to 7 character rn just because on all the requests

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Yes @kitty4 I’m still helping

Just fill in the layout so I can help you and ill see what I cnd do

Umm okay I guess. In the future maybe let me know first before posting I’m helping out bc I was confused about this. :two_hearts: I only do ink style.

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