Covers- closed until summer

Ok thanks and I’ll make sure to get in notice with you before this happens again because I didn’t know alot we’re going to come to me

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would this be INK or LL

If you have any questions just ask. I really appreciate you taking your time. The story is called Cutting Ties.

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Could you please tell me about the characters like anyone the bad guys the good guys the main characters?

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and what type of background would you like??

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Hey do you do small/large covers?

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Yes just fill out the form :two_hearts:




Hair color


Eyebrow color if LL


Eye color




Lips color



Type of background:

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I can do both

I will make a list of who needs a cover first to last. Please don’t be offended I’m going by when you gave us the info

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A cityscape. My story’s about the music industry in Atlanta and the drama that comes with climbing the charts. The first two characters are the MCs sister and the MC. Third and fourth are his rival (grey shirt) and his gf. The lady in blue is their producer (3&4s) the girl in pink is MCs love interest and last character is me :slight_smile:

Hope this clears some stuff up

It does a lot and should you like them standing in a particular way like him here and her there

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I’ll get to work on your cover right after I finish @elliie.episode’s cover

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@elliie.episode would you like me to put your story name and you name on the cover or let you do it

Yes can you split them up and put me in the middle? I want the brother and sister with the pink haired girl on one side and the rest on the other.

If you’d do my cover, that’d honestly be great

Just leave the information and I can try to help :blush: well only if it’s ink

Ok good

Yeah it’s ink, I’ll leave their info


Skin Tone: tan

Eyes:Round piercing

Eye color: blue

Face shape:defined triangle

Hair:short cropped

Hair color:black



Lip color:Terracotta


Skin Tone:caramel

Eyes:Round Bold

Eye color:green

Face shape: oval

Hair: fishtail

Hair color:chestnut

Nose: upturned

Lips:full Round

Lip color: terracotta

What pose?
Small/large cover?
Author Name?
Do you have Instagram?

Chance (flirt_shy)
Cameron (flirt_wink)