Covers , edits and art scene for episode

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Im doing covers And edits , if anyone need help , im glad to help you guys. Contacte me on m’y instagram : oceana_editor, Request Are OPEN , and there is some examples of my work! Im Taking comission ; édits , in instagram.

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Any examples? @IMA.G

I Will show you an edit and a cover !@Episode.Cameronwrite

Can I see examples?

Yeah of course @PxlopeEpisode

Wait .

@Episode.Cameronwrite @PxlopeEpisode , this is one of m’y cover.


this is an edit of m’y work. @Episode.Cameronwrite , @PxlopeEpisode

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Those are beautiful!!
Can I get an edit?

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Yeah of course Just tell me what do y want ? @PxlopeEpisode

Can I have a character edit?

This is the character:

INK style
Platinum blond
Straight Hair
Defined Natural
Upturned Feline
Soft Natural
Full round blush
Light skin tone

The same one on my profile xD

Okay !!! I get it you Will have it on friday!


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Hey @PxlopeEpisode i finished your edit ! Hope y will like it; and dont forget to credit Me .


Thank you its great (:

:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:happy that you liked it!!

Hey @PxlopeEpisode d y have insta?

Yup @epi_pxlope