Covers for all my stories (STILL LOOKING)




I want some new covers for my stories.
It doesn’t have to be by the same artist.

So I need Small and large covers for in total 2 published stories and 3 unpublished ones. ( 1 is getting revamped within those 3)

2 published story genre’s:

  • Drama
  • Drama

3 unpublished story genre’s:

  • Fantasy
  • Drama
  • Romance

So if you want to do this for me please put some examples.


(also im kinda broke so I can’t pay)




What’s the details


Do you have some examples?


Can you send it here and examples here


I checked out the examples and its not really what im looking for but still thank you for replying!


There are some cover examples that went put up


hi, im also part of then thic sisterhood (although i am a brother) and i am happy to provide some examples.
here’s my most recent art. is this good?


oops sorry raven i didn’t notice ur posts.


Lol its OK we coool


@mami.writes I do it. My examples are there, and please request there too.


@mami.writes I can do it. Check out my examples:

[OPEN] I'M BACK! Liv's Art Request Thread! Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Background edits and MORE!


@sydney_h can you close this



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: