Covers for my new story? x

hey guys! im in need of two covers (small and large) for my new story, “Watch Me”.

Small cover details:
skin - tan
brows - seductive arch
hair - fishtail braid (mint)
eyes - upturned feline (blue)
face - oval
nose - elven
lips - full round (sand)
photo -

can this girl be standing in the middle of any dark background with blood splashed across her clothes.can she also have an eyebrow slit and a couple of freckles across her nose and cheeks. The words Watch Me can be at the top with a font that looks like blood is dripping from it.

Large cover details:
the same girl in the middle and she is primp with the prop handgun in her hand

2nd character:
skin - taupe
brows - thin arch
hair - spike up (black)
eyes - piercing almond (brown)
face - diamond
nose - button
lips - uneven (terracotta)
photo -

can his animation be arms_crossed and can he be standing on the left side of the girl, facing her.

3rd character:
skin - olive
brows - thin arch
hair - generic short (blond)
eyes - classic almond (taupe)
face - defined triangle
nose - button
lips - small round (blush)
photo -

can his animation also be arms_crossed and can he be at the right side of the girl, facing her.

Thank you so much if you make these for me. Ill give you full credit and a shoutout on my ig :slight_smile: