Covers for stories

I will make covers for you its free, just give me some details and I will do it for you​:blush::blush:.If you have any other questions you can ask.

The last one is simple but worth it😀



Limelight or ink
I am not so good at it but I can do it😊
DM me if you are interested

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Do you have some examples?

I have added some examples let me know your decision

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Oh, no, I wasn’t gonna request, I just wanted to see some examples. But your artwork is great!

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No problem :slight_smile: and Thank you

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Hi I would like to request a large and small cover for my story the exchange students. I don’t have any set idea for what I want it to look like so I was wondering if I could just give you the story info and then you can decide how you wanna do it.

Plot: You were an ordinary teen but when two vampire’s move into your home, drama and mischief ensue.

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Ya sure DM me the information

@Preeti.883 I have sent you a message regarding a cover if you don’t mind. Very talented - look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

Thank you and I am happy to create a cover for you

Hi! I’m currently writing a story and I was wondering if you’d be up to making one? I’d 100% give credit because honestly, the art you make is absolutely wonderful :smile: If you’re up to it I’ll send more details. :blush:

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Yup sure, I can.
Just dm me the details

Hello, my name is Dai’Jah and I would love for you to do my cover of The Forbidden Truth. I am a new writer. Im still on chapter two trying to get the hang of it.

Yup sure just do me the details

How would I go about that


Just dm me the details either in forums or instagram