Covers for story?

I’m working on a story, my first one, and I’m looking for cover (+ splash) art. I would prefer original art but I’m definitely considering others and I’m not picky as it’s your time that’s going into this and it’s all appreciated in the end!

There would be three characters in the cover art and the story will be called Ghouls and Saints if anyone is interested in reading it in the future. <3

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I’m kind of new at creating covers but could I give it a try?

I would understand if you prefer someone more experienced! :smiley:

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@Doksanwrites @Wingsoffire do you both mind showing examples? <3

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Like I said before I’m new to episode covers and such, but I can show you some of my art.

I would love to help you make a cover and splahses! @Calithas

Here are some examples. @Calithas


@Doksanwrites @Cindy

Your art is amazing! Cindy, do you think you could make a cover with three people? : 0 I can message you if you can, and Doksan, do you mind making a splash? <3 It’s fine if not!

Also, @Wingsoffire for beginning your covers and art is amazing! <3 If I ever make another story (and if you’re up to it) I’d love to work with you!


I can make your cover!

Request here. :point_down::point_down: