Covers for you **DONE FAST**


If anyone needs a fast cover, this is the go to place! However there are some rules…

  • Give me the name of your story.
  • Give me the genre of your story
  • Give me a brief summary of your story
  • Send me screenshots of your character, or a written description, including screenshots of outfits.
  • If you don’t want characters featured, send me a background of what you want included.
  • Tell me what you want, if you want a romance feeling, a horror feeling etc.
  • Don’t be rude, don’t scream at me if I take “too long”
  • If you ever need something edited I will do it, but I’ll only do it twice.
  • Small covers will automatically be made, large covers will need to asked separately.

I’ll get your cover done, one day being the quickest and three days being the slowest, if I take any longer I’m very sorry


Hi is there a way you could do a cover for me? :slight_smile:
If so, should I write the details here?


Of course :slight_smile:


An example:


Do you have any recent ones??


LIke REAL covers?


Hi, is there any way your still available to do story covers?
Because i need one


Who, me?


if your available :wink: lol i was talking to Shani_Theo