Covers for your Story! NOT Accepting Requests until I finish these ones lol. INK

If you need a cover done for your story I’d be happy to help, just tell me the details of what you want it to look like, the customisation options for your characters, the background, and then your email so I can send it to you when it’s finished.
If you want it done in a certain time frame I will gladly do it.
If you are unsatisfied with it, tell me what to improve and I will send you the improved piece.
Here is a piece I have done to show you the style:


Hi I’d like to request a large cover please!

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ok! what would you like it to look like? what do the characters look like? And what is your email for when I am done?

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I’d like these two characters to be looking at each other. The secretly have a crush on each other so if you could make their facial expressions like they are shy that would be great!

The background could be like a park. I’ll PM you my email!

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ok, great!
I am in England, so it is nearly 2am so I will start the piece when I wake up at about 10am

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sorry, could you please tell me what exactly their face customisation are or send me a close up image of both of their faces please?

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Girl character-

Skin Tone: Light
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose Shape: Soft Natural
Eyebrow Shape: Seductive Arch
Hair: Beach Waves - Cayenne
Eyes: Upturned Feline - Black
Mouth: Classic - Cherry Red

Guy Character-

Skin Tone: Light
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose Shape: Button
Eyebrow Shape: Thin Arch
Hair: Cropped - Charcoal
Eyes: Deepset Piercing - White
Mouth: Uneven - Terracotta

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Bookmarking this if I need a simple but cute/pretty large cover!

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And what is the name of your story please?

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The name of my story is Dauntless and the author name is Valeria.Writes

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Oooo yes please I’m making one of my limelight stories in ink so will need a cover I haven’t made the characters yet I will tonight and send the info :grin:

Can they all be sitting on a sofa together laughing

yeah sure

ok good

Ok! it is all done, please check your email :smile:

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This is my current large image for my second story but looking for something a bit more wow factor? Do you also do splashes? Am wanting one I can put before each episode?

Thanks in advance for anything you can do :slight_smile:


I’ll try as best as I can to do all of those :slight_smile:

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Hello, can I please request a Small AND a Large cover?

Small Cover
Title: Beautiful Liar
Author name: Natasha Davis


  1. Character: Female / Body: Mocha / Brows: Seductive Arch / Hair: Fishtail Braid - Black / Eyes: Upturned Luxe - Toffee / Face: Soft Heart / Nose: Perky / Lips: Full Round - Bubblegum Pink
  2. Character: Male / Body: Dark / Brows: Thin Arch / Hair: Buzzed Hair - Black / Eyes: Mature Almond - Taupe / Face: Chiseled Square / Nose: Wide / Lips: Mature Classic - Dark


Possibly in this pose for both covers:

image.jpg704x539 492 KB


It is amazing thank you so much!!! How can I credit you???