Covers, Headers and Splashes Request


Hey guys, I take requests for story covers and splashes!

If you want to request, message me with details of what you want in the art and I will do it x

Some examples of my work (which are covers for my own story, one published (Lovesick Lullaby) and one unpublished/WIP (Bloodkissed Crown). All credits go to Episode for the characters, outfits and background; I edit some outfits, the makeup, the character placement, facial expressions.):

  1. LL new cover
  2. LL Header
  3. WIP unpublished cover

    4.WIP unpublished header. I have not provided the title to my unpublished story for obvious reasons.
  4. Changing for Bad new cover
    I recently just finished this one for my first request from Shanzella for her story ‘Changing for Bad’! Check it out, it’s an awesome read!

I do simple and complicated covers and headers so I will accept any and all requests :slight_smile:
I’m very collaborative and will help input different and new ideas as well as working with your ideas to make the artwork as nice as possible. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to message me :slight_smile: x


Hello :slight_smile:

Do you make poster splashes for missing persons? ^^


I will definitely try! What were you thinking details wise? x


I will pm you ^^


Wow, these are really nice!


Thank you so much! I’m still going through the phases of covers, hopefully I’ll improve later :slight_smile: