Covers n’ More *taking requests*

Covers, profile pictures, splashes, and more can be hassles no doubt. If you need one let me know and I’d be happy to help!! If you wish to receive a quicker response, try dm’ing me on Instagram @mads.epii

Rules :

  1. Be Patient


  3. Be respectful, not everyone has the same taste

  4. I have the right to decline requests

  5. Each request MUST be filled out completely

  1. Don’t ask me for anything unless you plan on using it

  2. If you feel you might not like my work, look at my examples before you request something

Waiting list :

Details :

Cover : character details, author, story genre, Story title, pose, clothing wanted, background, other details, etc

Splash : Character (optional), pose(if character included), Text included(what you want it to say), background, other details, etc

Profile Picture : Character details, background, clothes, name (optional), pose, other details, etc

Overlay : Background/item details




that looks so good! i dont need any art but when i do i will come here

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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character details:
Skin: Copper 01
Brows: round medium
Hair: beach wave, chestnut brown
Eyes: Female generic, brown pale
Face: Heart soft
Nose: defined natural
Lips: full heart pouty, red gloss
author: EmTara and Li Qing
story genre: Romance
Story title: In His Eyes
pose: I want her to be looking forward and she’s laughing. sort of like its from his point of view and he sees her as the most perfect girl?
clothing wanted: you can choose
background: whatever suits it
other details: none

I’ll get that done ASAP, might take a few days

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And you want it as a small cover?

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Hope you like it!!! Make sure to credit me on your story as well as Instagram!! @mads.epii

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may i request a cover?

Hello, can you make a cover for me too? :slight_smile:

Yes, just leave your information and I’ll get started on it! :slight_smile:

Of course, just leave your information so I can get started! :smile: