Covers Needed For A (LL)

I am writing a story called “A Curse” And i need a cover for my story so if you would like to make one that would be amazing…! (It’s a LL story) Here is what the charcters should look like

The skin is Copper 3
The eyebrow’s are High Arch Angled
The Hair Color is Blonde Medium
The Hair is Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
The eyes are Deepset Downturned
The eye color is Ice Blue
The face is Heart soft
The nose is Round Button Upturned
The lips are Full Heart Pouty
The lip color is pink warm matte

That is for the face features

For the outfit is

For the shirt its Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black

For the shorts it’s Belted Ombre Shorts Denim Oxford Blue

For the shoes it’s Chunky Sneakers Leather White

And for the jacket it’s Distressed Jean Jacket Open Denim Blue

Thats all You can pick what her animation is

I will credit you!!

Hey! I would recommend @ameliacrow.episode on Instagram. She did my cover for my story and I loved it

I will check it out Thank u so much

No problem! :blush:

If you need a realistic drawn cover. I can

Yes please

Hey I was wondering can u make me a cover

You do realistic art covers?! Could I maybe see your insta please? And are your covers free? :pleading_face: Pls reply it’s my dream to get a realistic drawn cover…


Just shoot me a dm

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If you still want a cover, I might be able to squeeze in one request. Examples of my art are on my Instagram @nat.alia.writes, on both my feed and highlights page. I have two styles: one semi-realistic and one cartoon style. But if you already got an artist, that’s totally fine!! :heart: Just don’t double request, please!!

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