Covers Needed for Double Life Contest

I thought I’d do this in my own separate thread as I’ve tried looking at a few art shops but they all seemed fairly inactive so I’m hoping that I can find someone who could do me both a small and a large cover for the Double Life Contest. Below you will find what I want for the cover:

Style: Limelight
Title: DL: From Page to Reality
Drawn or edited? Drawn if possible
Background: Bookshelves
Pose: Awkward/Anxious/Sheepish (something along those lines, like she’s nervous because of the secret she’s keeping. Perhaps she could be biting her lower lip or something.)
Character Details: Female Generic Body, Neutral 02, Round Thin Eye Eyebrows in Dark Brown. Long Half Up Ponytail Hair in Golden Brown, Deepset Upturned Wide eyes in Blue Deep, Diamond face, Pointed Downturned nose, Full Heart Pouty mouth in Pink Peach Medium Matte
Outfit Details: Fisherman Sandals Leather Brown Oak, Freckles Heavy (00-03), Cat Eyed Round Glasses Metalblack, Collared Sweater Pleated Skirt Cotton Blue Navy
Anything else? For some context, in the story, she is a bookstore owner who secretly has a job in a crime taskforce.


Do want two girls in that cover one is shy and other is crime badass

TBH, I’m not sure, another idea I had was to have 2 versions of the same character on the cover, perhaps back to back but with heads turned to the front and one of them would be looking a bit nervous, but the other one would be thinking and perhaps writing in a notepad, does that make sense?

Try the art shops in this thread. :woman_shrugging:

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That’s what I looked at, but all the ones I liked had some inactivity.

I can make you a free cover if you want the shy girls standing left and the badass girls standing on right here are some of my arts

She’s not quite badass though, she’s a girl with a high IQ who happens to help solve crimes, she’s not much of a fighter, she’s more of an investigator in that capacity.

Ohh then umm a girl with gun standing or what do you want her to be

I don’t want her to have a gun, I want her to be in a thinking pose or writing in a notepad. And for her to wear this outfit:

Pumps Closed Round Black
High Waisted Pockets Slacks Polyester Grey Black
Freckles Heavy (00-03)
Cateye Lightweight Frame Plastic Metal Green
Turtleneck Inner Shirt Cotton Black

Would you be able to do a sketch of the cover before committing to the full thing so I can see what it would look like? I don’t want you to do the full thing and it not match what’s in my head if that makes sense.

When do you need the sketch or cover

It’s for the double life contest so there’s no rush, but like I asked above could you do a sketch so I can see what it might look like?

Yeah i’ll send you the sketch in a few days would that be okay
And you want on girl to be shy on the left side and the other girl to writing on notepad on right side

Yeah great, talk to you soon :slight_smile:

Sorry I can’t make your cover cause my commissions are now closed because i have many requests to complete
Sorry for the inconvenience🤷

R u requesting or can u pay

It’s OK.

It depends on how much I’d need to pay.

Hello, Here’s An Option For All Double Life Authors:

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