Covers needed for upcoming story

Hello I’m here asking if there are any artists on here that can do me some really good story covers?

I’m rewriting my story that got reported and removed
So I’d like something like this perhaps?

If you feel up to doing something like this, I’d also love to see your examples of art that you’ve done.
But please only agree if you know you can do it :heart:

U need a cover

Here’s examples of my edits I done

Thank you for sharing your work, but its not the type of art im looking for sorry :heart:

Oh ok it’s ok​:grin::grin:

I could help, I don’t have any examples as there on my iPad but I could help you with what you looking for just give me the details of the characters and what type of edit your looking for and background. If you don’t like it then I at least tried:)

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