Covers needed please 🤗

I need a girl lying down like she’s in a field of grass but maybe just make the back of it a bed the first one I want her eyes to be closed and she’s a brunette with light tan skin color and the second one exactly like that one but her eyes are open and are grey and hair is black so once I put it together as my intro it will look like she has changed when here eyes open if that makes sense (posing like in the picture)

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Do you need this done by a certain time bc I can do it!

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Thanks & no take your time

Hey sorry I just noticed this because I was on a trip, so you don’t care when this is done? Because I will have it done in the next week or so

Its okay but for these couple of days I’ve been practicing drawing on this drawing app I already drew somethings I could use but thank you anyway :heart:

Oh cool! When it’s done could I see it? And is the story out? Because I’m always looking for new stories I never have anything to read lol


No the story isn’t out yet I’m still working
And I decided to change the covers and came up with these

Oh cool!!

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Thanks :heart:

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