Covers Needed Please!


This is for a story and sequel to my story Crossed Paths!

My sequel will be released much later but I have a vision for my cover and wish to ask for it now as I know I will forget later on haha!

So here are the details of the cover:

Details :

Background: Something you think would suit the overall vibe of the cover. Rosa is a very sassy, elegant and independent woman. I want this to be shown in the cover!

Author: Dreamer



My character’s details:

Skin tone: Honey
Eyes: Upturned Bold - Taupe
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Full Round - Ruby Red
Hair: Black Straight Hair
Brows: Smooth Arch
Face: Oval

Outfit: as above.

Pose: idle_sit_anklescrossed

Also, she is sitting on a throne! A black throne.

The title should be BOLD and white. The covers should be HD as well please!


I could help I AM NOW FULLY EQUIPPED to do your art


Awesome! May I see some examples of your work please :heart:?




Damn I am sorry I t cant upload because of internet shortages


No worries :slight_smile:


I can help.




Ah, I love your examples and if you need any more details, please tell me! :heart:


Do you want me to give her a crown


Ah, I would love that - thanks! :smiley: