Covers needed (small & large)

I’m looking for someone that is willing to make a FREE small and large cover for my story. Although I am willing to pay (I only have cash app/ I can pay through Ko-fi. I attempted to make one, but the quality is not the best. I’m not sure what the specific art style is, but I’m looking for a polished/edited cover(s). If it’s possible to recreate the one I created (allowed to modify/and add your own ideas).


please check your dm in here once

She is looking for free

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Hey @epy.nes , can I make a request?

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welp my bad!
thought she said she is fine with paying as well

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Omg sorry it’s my bad!!! Really sorry!!


:joy: haha …omygod … that’s alright
I guess we both didn’t read properly … :joy:

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I do covers and art scenes!
Check out my instagram for my art style I also have a giveaway going on r:ThatDreamDrawing

Sorry for the late response to everyone who had responded. I’m extremely thankful for the responses and the time taken from those willing to create a background! However, I decided to stick with the cover I have. Again, thank you to everyone who responded!

Hey there idk you still up or not but I you up then u can always pm me I would love to :heart: