!covers needed!

But she never told is who is doing it!?
plus I have started too

But she requested at Episode harmony

oh ok!I

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And the rule said do not requested at other threads

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K that’s fine!

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Did you start on small or large


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Ok we do large and you do small

K that’s great! thanks!

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Hey I made the small cover and episode harmony made the large!
If you want you can credit me @isaiahwrites_episode on instagram!

I really appreciate it BUT the female MC’s hair color is FAWN and not BLACK. And I need to change my user here to NNWrites, cuz that is my user in the episode app

K I have one person infront of you!

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Thanks so much!

no prob!

Is it alright if I change a few things myself, like shade the hair a bit more, and you still shall have the credit for it, don’t worry.

it’s fine!


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@Natalia23 The_Art_Sisters could help you!