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Some cute girl names (with nicknames):

-Ambrosia - Amber
-Redina - Red
-Laliana - Ilyanna & Laleh or Lalai
-Rosetta - Rose
-Maeleigh - Mae and/or May
-Juneau - June
-Alexis - Lexy
-Samantha - Sam
-Madeline - Maddy
-Annabelle - Belle and/or Anna

Need any more? I’m free to help. :smile:


Boy names:

-Bradford - Brad
-William - Will
-Sebastian - Seb
-Alexander - Alex or Xander

Need any more? :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you do something like this I tried but failed lol.


Just wondering if you could still do my screen saver for the phone ?


More female aesthetic names plz


Hi, Really lovely art work ! [:slight_smile:] I was wondering if you do any injury overlays at all?


HI can You make me a overlay


Here are some more: Blair, Taliana - Talia, & Arabella - Bella.

For more names, you can visit the website,


Thanks! For your request, what kind of injury overlays do you mean? It really depends. :grin:


Of course, what kind of it?


Thank you for getting back to me, I was looking for a couple of different ones,
A bloody cut ( one that would be okay to put above the eyebrow or on the cheek kind of thing), a bruise (not really big but not small, if that makes sense) that could be put on the jaw or cheek and gunshot wound. If you are able to make all or any of these that would be great, if not then thanks anyway for your time :smiley:


Hello! I’m in need of a Small cover. If you are able to do that then here is all the information:

Title: Rising Star
Author: K.S.S
Characters names: Star and Ty

Skin: Rose 04
Brow: Arched Medium
Brow Color: Black Jet
Hair: Wavy Messy
Hair Color: Black Jet
Eyes: Male Generic
Eye Color: Brown Black
Face Shape: Square Jaw
Nose: Hooked Grecian
Lips: Medium Straight Neutral
Lip Color: Beige Deep Neutral

Skin: Gold 05
Brows: Arched Thick Styled
Brow Color: Black Dark
Hair: Hair Flip
Hair Color: Black Dark
Eyes: Deepest Downturned
Eye Color: Brown Dark
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Hearted Pouty
Lips color: Violet Gloss

Theme: Romantic, Beautiful

Info: I want Ty to be behind Star, facing and winking at her (He needs to be really tall)

Info: I want Star to face Ty but looking and winking at the camera (If you can’t do this then leave her how she is)

Info: I want Star’s hand on Ty’s chest (this is if you can do this)

Info: For the title, I want Rising to be in white cursive and Star in bold gold but the a needs to be a star (put the title in front of the two characters)

Info: Gold and White sparkles sparsely placed on the cover

Color theme: Purple, Gold, and White

Background: Just purple


Hi! I’m in need of an background:
Can i please get a night version of this background:


If you could do it, that would be great thank you!


Hey it’s been almost one month since I requested… please tell me if you can’t make it


Haha, to be honest, I doubt my artistic abilities in these. Maybe if you have a picture you want to put on, or something, I’ll be happy to turn it into an overlay! But beware, your name is on the list, and I can’t do it right away. How does that sound?


Hi, there, y’all know that I’m on hiatus of art requests, and there’s a new request thread coming soon, with new fonts, features, and even character themes. So, you’re welcome to leave, and your name will be removed, or wait for more ten days, and the new thread will open, therefore, you might request something new. Character themes will be kind of like the covers in the featured books.

It’s your choice, after all. So… are you going to wait, or not?

Hoping you say the former option,
b e l l o r i a


I understand, I wouldn’t have expected it right away, you artists always have a lot to do :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about it, I don’t want to waste your time, I appreciate you considering it though for me. Thank you.
Have a lovely weekend x


Hello again , I was wondering if you were able to do my screensaver yet ?? I don’t want to ask anyone else if you still can do it .
Thank you
-Lizzie C


Hi Briar. Your art looks amazing. I was wondering if you could help me with some art for my new story? If you have time of course.


So I have done the form thing and need it by tommorow, do you think you could do it? It is the one that have arm overlays. Thanks!