Covers/splashes/edits/intros/outros *CLOSED*


Thank you so much!


Hey could you make me an edit?? It’s not specifically a character in my story, It’s me. For the Chapter Splash I am making. Take as much time as you need!! Also, make her dress cute!! Be creative and make her look where the readers are “Damn, she cute” Lolz but i want her/me looking good!!
Also, please keep the background white!!


I absolutely love your work!!! Which is why I came to YOU for an edit, your artwork is absolutely STUNNING:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Title: The Academy
Author: Jonas Jones
Images of Main Character(s) (or description):

Story Description: The main character moves to a new town and attend The Academy, the most prestigious school in the world and meets the school’s golden boy, Alex Connor, but there is a mystery inside the school.
Genre: Drama
Large Cover or/and Small Cover: Large cover
What date you want it by ): As soon as you can get it done
Special Requests/Additional Information (Optional): Can you please give it a mysterious vibe and have them in a school hallway with a shadow or a ghost
Expressions: Female- idle_awkward Male- think


@Panda_pizza_yasmine Here you go! Sorry for the wait! :slight_smile:


My god I’m in love with this


Excuse me But if I need anything like an edit or a splash Or anything I can tell you or not .?


Yes, feel free to ask me at anytime :slight_smile:


Thank you What’s ur insta btw So I can credit you


Hey so can You make an edit like this :
But with this character (AKA me) :

If you can’t I can find something else more simple ANDD THANKS HUN :heart::heart:


I can try. It might be quite hard, but I’ll try :joy:


@Priti I’m so sorry for the long wait! I’ve been so busy, but here you are! :slight_smile:


I need cover art for my new story Check out my new story True Connections (INK)
Full of drama and romance, send me your feedback.


Thank You…they are so nice


Oh god thanks you are such a blessing gurllll ILY and if you can’t I’ll find a simple one It’s no prob gurllll


Hey, I don’t think you ever accepted my request for an edit. Im not trying to sound so impatient but I asked before a lot of people and they got theirs before me??


Everyone I’ve given one to requested before you. Sorry if you have to wait long, but I do have a life and it’s stressful enough as it is. I understand I have taken a long time to make it. Since I have almost finished yours, it should be done by tomorrow. xx


Oh, it’s @Sahara_Bloor16. Thanks so much, you’re so generous!


I know you do. I even said sorry if I sound impatient,


I know, it’s my fault, not yours. x