Covers & Splashes

Hello! I’m making Cover Art and Splashes!
If you would like a Cover Art or Splash fill this requirements.

Story name.
Characters (If required): Provide screenshots with expressions
Description of the story:
Background/ Background Idea::
Large Cover or/and Small Cover:
When you’ll need it:
Idea of how you would like it (Any references) :

What type/s of splashes do you need? :
Background/ Background Idea:
The text you may want in splashes:
Any other detailed description of what you need:


  1. Don’t request on another forum.
  2. Don’t keep on asking if your request is accepted . I will tell you if it is
  3. Make sure you use it.
  4. Don’t be rude to me or anyone else.
    5. I have an life outside this forum
    6.Too make sure you have read this with your request write what you favourite food or dessert it.
  5. I am NOT a professional So don’t criticise my work I can change and fix things if it is needed


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You should enter this that way you will be reconized Art contest! **anyone can enter!❤**

It might be a good opportunity for you to be recognized…


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Thanks for that

Your welcome

How can you create a cover plz help me?

I can help you


Plz tell me how to do it?


Maybe this site will help -

How to make a COVER on!

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The app I recomend you using is pixlr

This is what I made using pixlr

I can’t make anything because I didn’t get it…

I use pizap



Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2: