Covers without characters



So for my story i’m looking for someone who can make both small and large covers but WITHOUT characters!

Lots of love leen


What background do you want to have? It depends on the background if I can do it…:confused::grinning:


You can choose the background yourself. I’m giving full control to the person making it.

It’s about the mafia, so it has to be badass of course


Yeah I can do that! Do you have a specific date it needs to be done by?


November 12th.

The story name is. Mafia Family 1: The beginning


Cool,cool. I can do that. Do you wanna have it complex or simple? Simple will take less time, probably to November 3. Complex will take, probably up to November 9. To get it just right for you and get feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s do simple. And then we’ll see how that turns out :grin:


So? How’s it going ?? :thinking::thinking::slight_smile:


I am working on it! It’s turning out good, but school has me tied down, so it doesn’t leave me much time to work but It will for sure be ready by November 12. Your due date I believe.:blush::+1:t5::grin:


Hey kinda forgot this but is it done? I would like to post soon :smile: