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Hello. Some may know me, some may not. Although I would love to know all, that is besides the point. I have seen some posts lately with many asking for FREE Cover Art. Which I would like to assist those in need. Like my Poems And Quotes post, some may know I like to make things for FREE. As shown in the title it says “Covers". Which yes I make covers,edited covers to be exact. Since many are finding it hard to find people for this job I have made myself available for those who need it most! I understand there are Art Shops out there which I will Link some for you! Some need jobs more than I do. Yes I am also on the Happily Ever After Art Shop as a member, you may contact me there as well. I hope you understand! Thank you for your time!


Request From @Goldpigs

Request From @Sapphira_writer

Request From @alyssa.writes

Request From @Star_Hunter (Myself)

Sizing Difference


Dimensions - 210 x 297 mm


Dimensions - 6" x 4" ( " = Inches )


Small or Large or Both
Colors -
Background -
All characters (5 MAX) -
Text wanted and text color -
Font (optional) -
Extra Details (optional) -
Inspiration (optional) -

Art Shops

Questions and Concerns

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