Covert Art Help 🙏

Need help with my cover art. Will give credits
Anybody willing to help?

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INK or LL? Drawn or edited?

Wait didn’t u say that you were rlly busy right now? Something about school

That’s what it said in the PM but I don’t know

You just turned a lot of requests down so I don’t know am I missing something?

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Are u serious about this story and won’t discontinue it?
Are u gonna give credits?
Please post the details
How much time would we have to make it…?
Will you actually use it?
Small or large cover?

I’m not taking this as a request, I was just asking. I was gonna recommend someone based on those questions

Oh. Okay. Sorry about that.

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No no it’s fine

And i don’t really know it’s my first story so I’m not much of an expert when it comes to making covers.
What would you recommend?

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If it’s a very “busy” cover I would do edited but if it’s like just 2 character you should do drawn

Yes i will give credits

It’s just two characters

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Then drawn

Can you help me please?

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Ahh it’s in LL sorry I can’t help I’m only good in ink :pensive:

It’s fine. Thanks though :black_heart:

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I can’t help I’m not taking requests sorry and I don’t do LL


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