Covid 19 & Episode

I see a lot of other companies being nice during these crazy times. Since a lot of us our stuck at home. You would think episode would say let’s give them their unlimited passes back. What are your thoughts on this ?

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:. There already have us 10 free tickets and 30 gems two weeks ago (if I remember correctly.)

Sorry if I misunderstood your question.


They did 30 gems 10 passes happened about a month ago.


I know about those I got them. But with most people being suck at home due the quarantine. I thought it would be nice if we all could read unlimited. I hope that makes sense.

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The most annoying thing with this is that it takes them forever to approve overlays and backgrounds. Just now I am waiting on approval of overlays that I uploaded on MONDAY and they approved the background two hours ago but not the overlays of it and I’m like ???
I submitted a ticket a month ago asking if because of the virus it will be common to wait that long and they replied like three days later “we usually approve stuff in 3-5 days” wow thanks Felicia for telling me something I already know

I understand that this can be super frustrating and I’m sorry that you have had a difficult time :sad_panda:. It might be possible that due to the ongoing pandemic more people are using the app in quarentine :open_mouth:. This is just my speculation but maybe an influx in submissions or tickets is possibly causing longer wait times for approvals and responses :ping_pong: .
Sorry for any inconvenience that this might be causing and hopefully approvals pick up once the virus threats cool down and life returns to normal. :v:


I understand that, that’s why I submitted the ticket asking if we all should now expect the waiting time to be a week but the response was vague and not even what I asked. And 2 weeks ago the team was back to approving after 3-5 days. It’s just the inconsistency that’s throwing authors off, that’s all