COVID-19: Positives? Why? + Adversity?

Hello fellow Episodians!

I have been given the task to write a report (no, not for school), and I need some ideas. So I am looking for your guys’ opinion on COVID-19 (the Corona Virus). Well, mainly just one part of the virus. Now I know this virus sucks a lot, people are dying, schools are shut down, whole cities are shut down and even some people are getting arrested even if they take a step out of there house. But the point of this report is to name some positives of the virus.

Also help me define adversity and how we as a whole can/have overcome it.

Share your opinions, there are no right or wrongs. I want to know what you think. And why, cause well you have to have a reason to think that way.

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Working parents who are forced to work from home can spend more time with their children everyday, pollution rate declines.

From your title, I thought you were asking if anyone had contracted the disease lol


Crime rates have decreased


Can you elaborate on the Pollution rate declination? I don’t really see how it declines :thinking:

More people staying at home, less personal vehicles going around, less gas use.


Hmmm okay, I’m not disagreeing but here’s my view on the Pollution rates-

Where I live, in my province, we are not totally quarantined, like it’s not a must. People around where I live tend to drive around just to get out of the house (because technically they are self isolated/quarantined in their cars). And city busses are still running no matter how many people go on them, they still run (most of them anyways).
Also, since people are at home they are more likely to use more garbage whether it be from an activity to pass the time (like arts and crafts) or simply binge eating junk food.

This is just my view on the Pollution rates-, feel free to go against it and state your reasonings, I would love to hear to understand better where you’re coming from! :two_hearts:

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It’s a demonstrable fact that pollution (like carbon emissions) is down in industrial countries like China because of quarantine, maybe it’s not true for your area specifically but it is happening. There’s nothing to argue about here.


I’m sorry but I wasn’t arguing, I wasn’t even disagreeing, I was stating my understanding of the situation and asking her to elaborate more so I could understand better. Like for example: [quote=“LiaMina, post:7, topic:354788”]
It’s a demonstrable fact that pollution (like carbon emissions) is down in industrial countries like China because of quarantine
I didn’t know that before and now I do. So thank you

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I think it’s better if you make the location and victim rate specific in that case. For me, I live in a developing country in which pretty much every household have at least one motor vehicle, and the air pollution in bigger cities (especially the capital) is basically notorious. So when most people are told to work from home, there’s definitely a change in pollution rate, that is of course in affected areas.

Excessive household garbage would lead to more pollution because of waste processing, is that what you meant? I’m not quite sure about this then again I don’t know much about waste disposal anyway and from where I live, they usually just get thrown away and some get recycled.


I’m not trying to argue either, I just meant it’s not really a discussion, it just is what it is. Quarantined areas are experiencing better air quality. There is something to be said for the sustainability of this result, obviously this wasn’t planned and it won’t make a difference in our long term overall environmental impact, it’s not like we can stay in isolation forever. Experiencing the rise in air quality could inspire people to make lasting changes in favor of environmental advocacy, but who knows.


Yes that is what I meant, in schools they teach us that making garbage is pollution so I kinda figured it would be considered in what you meant but then again, I don’t know much about it either so I should probably do some research.

I never thought about it like that actually. That makes a lot more sense now.
Also I suppose most people that live in the city don’t go for many pleasure drives like people in the ‘country’ or atleast the country where I live lol

Anyways thanks for your opinion and reasoning on this topic, this has very much been helpful!

Thank you and stay safe xx

Yes, and pollution that is the main two.

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So yeah,


I am still thinking but these 2 are really the main ones.


It was referring to air pollution specifically :sweat_smile: and you’re welcome!

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Oh wow, I never really thought of it like that! The air quality is getting kinda better, and with the government and everyone talking about how “we need to take action before it’s too late” may inspire people to actually continue after isolation is done (well they were talking about it before the virus not so much now tho…)

Also thank you for sharing those links, I will definitely take a look at them to further my research!


At this point, I definitely agree that these are the main two along with people getting a chance to actually spend time with their families ofc

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yes, so true.

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Ohh yeah that makes much more sense lol with regards to air pollution, yes I somewhat agree that it is declining!

Pets will get more time with their families, the digitalisation of schools will happen faster (my school website went from being overloaded by one class to working fast with over 1k students being online at once in just one week), pollution will temporarily decrease, many home entertainment focused companies will make profits, countries could learn to work together, medical/health related jobs will get more appreciation/support, hospitals will most likely get improved/ more money will be invested into healthcare and most importantly I won’t have to search for an excuse for not wanting to go outside anymore :joy::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Dang those are some pretty solid reasons. I especially agree with the last one lol

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