Covid-19! Stay safe!

Guys covid-19 is spreading so fast! Look the number Injured people here in egypt only today!..

How many injured people in your country today?

STAY SAFE PLEASE! :heart: :pleading_face:


most definitely!!! I hope everyone is staying home as much as possible!! stay safe y’all

We all try to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. But someone has to go to work for this world to keep going. I try to come up with additional tricks to keep my family’s health safe. We have installed a new air duct system with filters to have cleaner air in the house. We also took a couple of robotic vacuum cleaners so that any dust was removed immediately. Here, you can read excerpts from the interview with Amos Lewis - robotics engineer. He explains well the benefits of such gadgets for asthma, allergies and other breathing problems. I can hardly do anything more than now. I myself work remotely. My children are trained remotely.