Cowriter(s)/ Collab Needed

Hi everyone!! I’ve been working on a story for about two months now and plan on publishing the first 4 episodes in the upcoming weeks! I also have an idea for a new story and want to start working on that one also. I would like that one to be mostly done around the time I publish the last episode of my current story. I’m looking for someone to work on this story with me, to like bounce ideas off of and basically code the story together. :innocent:. If you’re interested,(or want more details) feel free to DM me on my Instagram @Lauren.epi_stories_ :brown_heart: :brown_heart: or just reply lol

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Hi! Are you still looking for a cowriter?


Hello, I would also be interested if you haven’t already picked someone but I don’t have instagram sadly.

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Hello ! If you’re still interested I’m searching for someone as well :wink:

Have you find someone?