Crap, lil help here?


I’m so used to the mobile version of episode! :slight_smile: What’s the point of this? :sunny: :sunflower::stars:


Do you mean the forums?


Yeah :joy:


Oh! Well here on the forums, we like to help others with coding, give advice, request art, chat, and most importantly, have a great time! Our forum administrator is @Jeremy and our forum moderator is @Sydney_H. If you need anything, they’ll be able to help you!


Thank you :joy: I also have one more question the first time i looked up Episode on the computer i found another Episode website that let you create storys. Then i found this one! Do you ever go on that other Episode website? If so whats your username Xx


That episode website is where you can code your stories. That website has more features, animations, clothes, and all that than if you were to create a story on the mobile app!


It’s not like the forums where you can chat and have user names. You just have your stories that you create on there