Crashes When Adding A Recommendation!

It freezes when I press done, then crashes lol, when I restart it, it does the same thing :confused: will probably send a support ticket soon but I’m wondering did anyone else experience this issue or is currently going through it?

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20

P.S. Being an android user is honestly so very sucky because no fanmail option, no way to remove banned stories from our recommendation, in order to increase back to our 30 stories max limit (albeit this applies to all of us haha) and always we have bugs which sucks :joy: (2) (1)

Sorry about the small gif but it explains a lot, it keeps crashing :boom:

Are you experiencing this? if so are there any tips you would suggest to fix this? I can’t even add any new stories and that’s a bummer XD :android:

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this!!! :sob:


I also use Episode from a Samsung and it doesn’t crash when I add a recommendation on my profile…

Try logging out and signing up again?

But yeah, Episode should give us, all android users, more love :sleepy:

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I did, same thing happening :sob: you’re so lucky!

Maybe there’s a new update available in the Play Store? It’s weird… :confused:

Have the updated version. Tried deleting the app and re-installing. Idk, maybe it’s gone for good lol? I’m just gonna work around this and recommend stories in my highlights on IG going forward.

Ikr I feel your pain :sob:

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Update: I’ve decided to use this method as a solution :star2:

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In the meantime I’ve sent a ticket and have also talked about the fanmail button not working, just awaiting on a response :crossed_fingers: I wrote S5 instead of S20 but that’s because of it saying iPhone 5 above lol :see_no_evil: I did write S20 in the description though :joy: even on a S6 it didn’t work! Lol.