Crazy’s Outline Contest! ❤


Okay, so to celebrate that I got 200 followers on my Instagram, I’m holding an outline contest I to show my gratitude for all of them. Here are the details:

  1. You cannot remove my watermark.
  2. You can change some things, but the outline has to be recognizable.
  3. Deadline is December 30th!
    Optional: If you have Instagram and would like to post it on there, tag me (@crazygirl95005) and use the hashtag #crazysoutlinecontest
    Note: You do not need Instagram to enter!
    There will be two winners, may be more depending on how many people enter.
    First Place!
    An edit (three people at the most), a follow on Instagram/Episode profile, and a shoutout!
    Second Place!
    An edit (one person) and a shoutout.

Here’s the outline!


When you show your colored in outline, add your Instagram (if you have it).
Thank you! :heart:




Sure, I’ll enter!


I will enter for sure!


Thank you guys! Can’t wait to see your entries! :wink:




Hope you like it :grinning: My Instagram is its_emerald_episode



IG: @emtaraepisode


Can I enter :slight_smile:



Joining :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can I please enter?


Just woke up to everyone’s beautiful entries! :heart_eyes: I love them!


Oh this looks fun!
I’d like to join! How many entries are allowed?


Entering! :blue_heart: Thx for the tag @Teahwalker


This looks like fun! Can I join?


Umm, I’d say a max of 2 per person!


Of course! :heart:


Okay! Thank you so much!


Can I enter?