Crazy’s Outline Contest! ❤



Here is my finished outline, it’s nothing compared to the amazing ones above. :heart_eyes:



@AlyssaStories.epi @Josie.Writes @Mouse.Episode
Wow! :astonished: Those are amazing! Everything on them is beautiful!


Thanks for the tag. I will join.


Here is my entry.

Hope its ok. My instagram is Maria.Storywritter



That is amazing! :scream: So sorry I didn’t respond sooner, the notification didn’t come up for me. :worried: But wow! :heart_eyes:


You’ve gotten so great!


Thank you. :heart_eyes: I was struggling with the hair.


Thank you. I have been trying. I would love to be as good as you oneday. :kissing_heart:


I would have never guessed you were struggling, its gorgeous! :heart:


Here’s mine! :heart:
Hopefully it’s okay that I changed a few things.


To all of those that are entering:



As you know, I am also hosting this on Instagram as well. I have decided that there will be 2 winners. One on Instagram and one on here. Both will receive the 1st place winner prize and there will be no more prizes. :slight_smile:
If you have shown it both here and Instagram, you will only be in the Instagram contest. :heart:


Hi. I just wanna say that my entry was actually not mine and uh… I stole it from @Toxic.Dreams.
Please disqualify me and enter her in, as she is the rightful owner… sorry for the inconvenience…


Ehm…this is a bit awkward but yes she did take my work that was meant for this.


I’m so sorry, I’ll switch the name immediately. I’m sorry that this happened to you.


Yeah… well thanks anyways. :slight_smile:




OMG that is amazing, I love this. Her I love her dress and hair.