Crazygirl’s Art Thread! ❤️ (I make profile pics, art scenes, covers, splashes, etc)

Hi! I’m Crazygirl, and I’m starting this art thread to make art for you! I honestly love making art, and now that summer’s here I don’t really have anything to stop me! I can make splashes, covers, character edits, profile pic, and art scenes. I do have my own style that I draw in other than Episode, and my examples are below.



Profile Pictures

Art Scenes

This is a recent one I’ve done, I’m proud!

Below is some fanart I made in my own style.

My Style

This is just one example of my personal style. I have made more, though they were just for me.

Remember, I am still kind of new to this, and I would love feedback and your thoughts on my art! :heart:

  1. No drama or rudeness. If you are rude, I will not make anything for you. I have the right to decline.
  2. Don’t request the same thing on several threads. It’s rude to the artists seeing that what they have put time and effort into is also being done by another person.
  3. Do not keep asking when your request will be done. Artists have lives too, we aren’t just here to make art for you nonstop.
  4. If you use something I made for you, be sure to credit me at @crazygirl95005 on Instagram!

When requesting, please write a detailed explanation of what you’d like and tell me if it’s a splash, cover, etc; give me character details and a desired background if you have one. I think that’s all! Thank you! :heart:


Chrissy said amazing work you have improved so much

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Aww, thank you so much! :heart:

Can I request an art scene?

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Of course! Just send the details

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Okay, I want these two characters to be kissing, while holding hands. But only like a waist up view

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Of course! Do you have a desired background?

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Umm, can I just have one of those dorm bedrooms? Thanks!

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Of course! I’ll get it to you as soon as possible :heart:

Here is your art scene!

Art Scene

Feel free to let me know if you’d like a redo. Remember that if you use this art scene, credit me! My instagram is @crazygirl95005! :heart:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it! I’ll be sure to credit you.

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You’re welcome! :heart:

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I need a cover

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Can I have a cover done please?

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Of course! Just send the details! :heart:

Send the details! :heart:

But I want it like a cover but without the background it already has I was just sending what the twins look like and can you add the title “Second best”

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Do you have a desired background? And you’d like the characters in the exact same animation as they are doing in the photo, right?

Same animations; different background

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So, just any background? Or would you like something with like a gang inspired background, etc.