Create a band! (GAME! ๐ŸŽถ)

yo topic pllssss dont flop :sob: if u flop i was never here to begin with :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

hello everyone!! :blush:

hope yall are having an amazing day or night wherever you are :sunglasses:

so i got a new idea for a game lol :sweat_smile:

and i decided to give it a go CUZ IM SO BORED AND LONELY!! :sob: :joy:

anyways, the rules are very simple :chef:

as from the title, youโ€™ll be creating your very own band! yaaaay! how exciting! :crazy_face: okay im so cringey ugh :roll_eyes:

anyways here is and example of how it goes: (sorry if u cant understand :pleading_face:)

Theme (chosen by the pervious player): Cats :cat_shocked:

Player 2/ Alex (bc i cant think of any other name lmao :sweat_smile:):

Band name: meowpink
Fandom: meowinks
Company: meowg entertainment
Members: Meowsoo, Meownnie, Meowsa and Meowsรจ

Theme: Money :money_with_wings:

:point_up_2: Note: ofc im not that creative, I stole that off the internet btw :joy: :joy: :point_up_2:

Player 3/ Sam:

Band name: The ca$h grabbers
Fandom: Dollar $igns (sorry im not really creative lol :sweat_smile:)
Company: $ony entertainment (loool :joy: :joy:)
Members: paysoo, coinnie, moolahsa and billsรจ ( lmao :joy: :joy:)

Theme: Space :night_with_stars: :star: :sparkles: :crescent_moon:

I hope you understood lol :joy: :joy: :upside_down_face:

Anyways, itโ€™s your turn! Since Sam chose space as the theme, try to come up with a space-themed band! And when your done, suggest another theme for the next player! :innocent:

Be creative, have fun and thanks for playing!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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i dont really get it :pleading_face:
whats fandom and company?

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Iโ€™m sorry im bad at explaining :sob:

Examples of a fandom: blinks (the fandom of blackpink) and A.R.M.Y (the fandom of bts) Ariananators (the fandom of Arianna Grande)
So basically its like what the group of fans are called lol

While the company operates as a record label, talent agency, music production company for that band. An example is YG Entertainment which is the company that formed blackpink and many other bands.

(Iโ€™m sorry if you dont understand I tried to explain :pleading_face: :sweat_smile:)

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i think i got it :blush::sweat_smile:

so do i have to make up some names for the company amd fandoms? and can i tag some people in โ€˜membersโ€™? :smirk_cat:

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yes, thats exactly what the game is about :sweat_smile:

yep, sure, u can definitely tag people :smirk:

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i gtg now but iโ€™ll come back for sure :smirk::heart:

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k sure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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cuz the theme was :sparkles: ๐’๐ฉ๐š๐œ๐ž :sparkles:
Band Name: starry starry night :sparklewave:
Fandom: Twinks :eyes: :wink: (from twilight)
Company: Nokanwest label :roll_eyes:
Members: @JennIzzy_Love @Pinkrose @sun_ray.episode @Maeverie.Rivera take ur time to be active guyz :relieved:

Next Theme - Romance :two_hearts::kiss:

so did i do it right @GraceW.writes? :smirk:


yep! thatโ€™s very creative too :exploding_head: :woozy_face: :sparkles:

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Theme was Romance
Band Name: Love Always
Fandom: lovelies
Company: Hearts label :unamused:
Members: Lucas Love, Caleb Kiss, and Robert Romance :pensive:

Did I do it right?

Next Theme Candy

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Theme Candy
Band Name: sweet soda
Fandom: sowe (so sweet)
Company: little heart enterprise
Members: Roma cookies , Crystal lolies, and Robin soda

Next Theme ghost

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Theme ghost
Band name - haunted brothers
Fandom - fears
Company - dead land label
Members - possessed human, zombie, dracula, nine tailed fox

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next theme fairies

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Theme fairies
Band Name: fairly fairies
Fandom: the fairies
Company: blossom label
members: Tinkerbell, Fiona flutter, Sarah sprite,

next theme food

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Theme food
Band Name: bacardi beez
Fandom: cardi b
Company: beez and honey
members: i donno

next theme hero

Theme hero
Band name: Super Duper
Fandom: Heroโ€™s
Company: Little, Big Heroโ€™s
Members: Jazzy Smart, John Strong, and Alexander Quick

next theme: animals

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Theme: Animals
Band Name: Party Animals :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :smiling_imp: :love_you_gesture:t4: (rock)
Fandom: Furries :fox_face:
Company: Wildhouse Records
Members: Diana Cheetah, Scarlett Scorpion, Lisa Lionel, and Abigail Alligator :joy: :joy:

next theme: futuristic :globe_with_meridians:

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