Create a neat way for a Missing Persons Search Interview

Hi I am wanting some of everyone’s creative juices to help me create a Search and Rescue Interview that my MC Detective will have with the mother of the missing person and the fiance. So people don’t think I am in the wrong category, I am looking specifically to donacode tricks.

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Are you looking for specific dialogue or visual ideas? Is the MC questioning them about the disappearance or are they just making a statement to the MC? Cause I have both! :smile:


These are all based on my legal system where I live, so it might be different depending on where your story is set.

  • Have your MC state her rank, the station she works at, and her ID number (if she has one)
  • Have her tell them that they’re free to leave at any time and that they aren’t under arrest.
  • Tell them she wants to question them about the last known whereabouts of their child.
  • Ask if the missing person had any habits of going out late at night alone / going out from the house independently
  • Ask if the missing person has done something like this before.
  • Have fun with it :joy:
Visual Ideas
  • You could maybe have the mother and her fiancé sit behind a table overlay and the MC as idle_rear in front, then alternate for each different view.
  • You could even have a side view where all characters can be facing ‘forward’ behind the table.
  • Include a notebook on the table
  • Include a tape recorder/video recorder
  • Maybe a walkie talkie?

Thanks for replying and thank you also for the effort you put in, I appreciate it. I was thinking of doing a questionnaire that the reader can participate in, so like use a choices template. They are visiting them at their home, To avoid getting flagged, I might put this post in the art resources because I was thinking of making the detective visualise the outfit the character was wearing when they went missing, what animation they were doing etc.

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Oooooh that’d be so interesting! What’s the story name?

Bailey Files! is my series and the first short story/case is called The case of the Missing Bride to Be.

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@Jeremy please close this post as I am now seeking art advice in the art resources thread.


@Katie36 sadly @Jeremy is no longer here. From now on you should ask to @/Sydney_H or @/Nick.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: