Create a Story (Game)

Hey Episodians. I have decided to create a game that is different to other games on forums (I think/hope). So, there is a topic and someone has to write a story blurb for that topic.
For a challenge there can be multiple genre’s.
For example: Genre=Historical, Adventure, Romance.
It’s 1865!
Victoria, a sassy, adventurous, bad ass warrior from New Zealand. Gracelle, an elegant, diva, classic princess from Poland. Victoria and Gracelle are cousins. And when they find out they have to move to England just before Victoria becomes chief, they have to live there lives together in a different way. Sharing the smallest classroom in their new school with 2 other boys and a secretive teacher, living on a 30 acre farm, discovering secret places and overcoming challenges. Join Victoria and Gracelle on their crazy, weird adventure.

That one was already made up. Doesn’t have to be that long.

Once the person replies they say the next genre. Other people can do the same topic to.

I hope everyone’s got that. Okay, I’ll start with the genre.



Olivia’s mother was pushed at the stage by the big sphere. Olivia’s mother is a tv show host and now she is laying in hospital.No one were sure who could that be so Olivia hired two detectives Rayan and Sally. It could be anyone a worker, haters, a close friend. They questioned each and they suspected an old lady who had trophies and pictures of the studio. The old lady said that could not be her she loves tv show but said maybe it could be her son who she taught everything about electronics. Then they got back at the studio and saw Teo(son of the old lady) holding remote and Olivia was standing in the middle of stage telling him to not do it.Teo wanted revenge because his father dyed in a car crash while Olivia’s mother didn’t. It wasn’t enough to push Olivias mother he wanted Oliva to suffer too.
And Teo clicked remote and Sally ran over and saved Olivia. Then the police came and arrested Teo and Olivia was safe. Everything sorted out fine.



Cassie always had a crush on Max, her best friend since childhood. But he ends up taking her subtle hints the wrong way, and gets her a spot on a dating show. She’s now forced to reject guy after guy on national television, all in order to win the heart of her one true love.

Genre=Fantasy(No werewolves please)


You’re a normal and basic girl until your grandma gives you a dusty storybook of fairytales. One day you find yourself waking up in a foreign-looking land. It’s up to you to help the fairytale characters find their happily ever after, and then find your way home. But the Evil Queen has you in her sight, can you escape her grasp?


In the future, Clara Thomason runs away from her crazy family. She encounters many obstacles and people on her journey. But she didn’t expect the real society to catch up with her…

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Susan is your typical soccer mom. Except instead of soccer, she supports her son Jacob in crime fighting. Oh, and by the way Susan is the leader of the mafia. She enjoys cheering on Jacob as he fights her men.



Clark loves daydreaming about superheroes and their beginnings, like when Spiderman got bitten by a radioactive spider. What happens when he sneaks down in his dad’s top secret chemical test room, knocks down a tube of Chemical X, and accidentally trips over it himself? Gangs and illegal dealings are smitten throughout the country and it’s up to Clark–who can transform into any human at will–to stop them! How will Clark adjust to his life now? Can he save the country and protect his family?

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7 months after his sister Kay Elle’s death, Davison finds out he’s adopted. So, he teams up with his real sister to figure out the mystery of Kay’s Murder. But little do they know what they’re about to walk into.

Genre=Romance (I’ve decided you can repeat genres - I created this thread btw)

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  • You are a young college girl living in a small apartment, and you always order from the same food restaurant. The guy who delievers the food to you is always this tall, awkward guy that always wears oversized clothes. every time you order, he comes, and you sometimes talk to him, until you get to know him and what he’s like and his favorite things and you two slowly fall in love.

Genre = Fantasy

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(Reading over it I guess it’s kind of mystery in a way but that’s fine)

Five friends, Kim, Barbra, Akasha, America and Aiella, go to a crazy school with a lot of mysterious and spooky history. Something suspitious is happening involving the school, and the girls want to do something about it. “The fifth density”! Akasha says. Little do the rest of the girls know, Akasha is hiding a secret, she can close her eyes and suddenly go anywhere, at any time. Follow these students as they go on this adventure to find out what this school is hiding from the rest of he world.

Genre = Horror

9 nine year olds wander into the woods for some adventure. But after a game of Are You Scared with a shadowy creature, their lives will never be the same.

Genre: Royal fantasy

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18 years after being left alone at a train station, Lilac returns to her hometown for a crazy reason with twists and turns along the way. Why is she coming home? Lilac Gwen Romanio is a princess!

Genre: Comedy/Drama