Create amazing looking characters in LL

I’m about to write my third story, and my first in LL, I’ve never seen LL so I’m not sure what passes as “hot” or “cute” for LL. Dude to the fact I’ve only ever written in INK/Classic I’m completely lost. Any preferences/tips?


What ever looks good to you, if you are really wanting the readers to think there hot or cute with out a doubt then let them pick what he looks like. Its hard to please everyone when it comes to this. :slight_smile:

I agree with what @Bethany1 said: people love customization as they can make their character(s) match up to their beauty standard.
Although the “trend” right now is some white dude with black hair and blue/green/mix of both eyes. He is either called Alex, Brandon, Chris, Len or something.

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