Create an art thread with me!

Hey! Does anyone want to create an art request thread with me? I can make character cards and splashes but I want a partner to work with on the thread so it’s not all on me. So if you’re interested, drop your examples below and what you can do.

I don’t have any examples of splashes yet but I will put my character card examples below and add more as I make them.

My Examples

These are all characters and outfits I made so if you want to use them then please credit my Instagram @episodesapphire.

— Sapphire


omg i would love too!! i just don’t have any new examples- and i wouldn’t be open for requests yet since i haven’t gotten back my phone/ i pad to draw on yet, so i would be unavailable for a bit :((

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Message me when you’re available again because I want someone who’s available now <33

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Heyy, do you still need someone?

yes (:

I would love to help :heart:

please send me some examples <3

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okay! sounds great :))

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Still looking :blob_hearts:

R u looking for only one artist or a group

Hey I would love to join if possible


I have more on my insta x_Jess_episode_x


Custom poses

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Either is fine but no more than 4 people (:

I’ll PM you. Your examples are so good, especially the first one with the custom pose! <3

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Thank you!

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