Create another account on episode

Hey guys…I already have a episode account but me and my friend wants to be co writer for a story…so how can I create one new account to write our story by keeping my account

Just make a new Google account🤷‍♀️

I had made it

But when I am login out of my account and going to episode portal to create the new account using Google I am again getting back at my original account

Yeah, I had that problem too, so I just made a Facebook account with that email, then it worked (after logging in and out for a while until it picked the right account).

Is it necessary to make. Facebook account

No idea, but that’s what worked for me🤷‍♀️

Okay… thank you

Hey just login using the icognito or secret mode then give the new mail…Episode remembers ur accout thats why u can’t login :blush:

Thank you

Just clear your cache and cookies on your original one. Or, use a different browser.