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Hey guys! I’m Mystic Taco on episode! I am making an episode called Loving in a Dream! I am currently in need of background characters for my story so if you would like to be in my story or just make a random background character go right ahead!!! GO INTO FULL DETAIL (outfit, facial features etc.)

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I’ll make one, is it limelight or ink or classic?

Ink! Sorry for not specifying!

its fine!


Rhea Jackson

skin tone Tan
eyes Upturned Bold Green
Face Oval
Nose Elven
hair Beach Wave Chestnut Brown
eyebrows definde Natural
mouth Classic (orange crush)

Rhett Parker

Skin tone light
face shape definden triangle
nose button
eyes deepest pearcing (toffe)
eyebrows Medium sharp
mouth small round Blush
Hair Short Cropped Fawn

If you like any of my ideas you can use them!

Happy writing!

It is so nice that you to let people make your characters.

Rhea Jackson:


Brow: Thin Angled
Hair: Braid Crown Updo
Eyes: Almond Luxe
COLOR: Green
Face: Defined Oblong
Nose: Elven
Lips: Blossom Lips
COLOR: Ruby Red


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Aww thank you! :kissing_heart: do you have an idea you want to give??

Awesome! Thanks for the ideas!! :kissing_heart:

Awesome! Thanks for the idea! :blush: do you have any ideas for Rhett??

Lol no problem!
If you decide to use it just tell me.

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Here are my suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:



Body: Toffee
Brows: Medium Curved
Hair: Beach Wave Hair in Chestnut
Eyes: Almond Luxe in Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Aquiline
Mouth: Classic in Ruby Red



Body: Tan
Brows: Straight Bold
Hair: Generic Short Hair in Fawn
Eyes: Deepset Piercing in Toffee
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven in Terracotta

Hey guys! I have decided who’s designs I will use for my story!!!

Rhett: @goth.gaia

Rhea: a mix between @goth.gaia and @sophie2

Thanks for your suggestions! Please msg me your instagrams so I can credit you!!! My insta is mystic.taco.episode go there for sneak peeks and more!

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Aw, I’m glad you liked my design!!! I don’t have an IG, so no credit needed. I’m just happy I could help :heart:

Aww alright! Thanks for the idea!

I would love to make one!

Hi I’m afraid that the two main characters are already made but you can make a best friend, a mean girl or any other character if you’d like! Or you could make Andre Gonzales (the mean ex/most popular guy)

I would love to make a mean girl!

Alright go ahead!!

I would like to make a friend or two