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Alright I have some friends available to make! Just look at the desc.


She is actually from my story her name is Lila she is a nuisance you can totally use her if you would like!


Oooh I like it! I will totally use her!!!


Go right ahead!


Thank you so much!!!


Chloe Adams

Skin - Light
Brow - Smooth Arch
Hair - Layered Hair Blond
Eyes - Round Classic Brown
Face - Diamond
Nose - Grecian
Mouth - Classic Blush


No problem! If you can not tell her eyes are green!


Megan Lockwood

Skin - Olive
Brow - Seductive
Hair - Long Feathered Strawberry
Face - Oval
Eyes - Upturned Feline Blue
Nose - Refined
Lips - Blossom Lips Dusty Rose


Jazzy Lockwood

Skin - Olive
Brow - Seductive Round
Hair - Straight Blond
Face - Soft Heart
Eyes - Upturned Feline Blue
Nose - Refined
Lips - Blossom Lips Orange Crush


I decided to make them all for variety, they’re usually who I use before CC.


This is Crystal she is Lila’s henchman. She is also from my story. She does her own thing and doesn’t play by the rules she hates Lila and even though she doesn’t tell to stop most of the time she will speak up if sh really believes in it. Feel free to use her!


Thank you!!! I will definitely use her!!!


Hi thank you so much for the ideas!!! I will definitely use your ideas for Chloe and Megan but my views for Jazzy are a little different! Thank you so much!


Sure thing!


No problem


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Alright thanks!!!