Create Characters Option for Limelight

Hi! I am an Episode Author, and have a couple stories ready to be published, in the character style Limelight. I’ve seen a lot of well-known authors use this style, with the “letting the characters choose their look” option. The problem is, I can’t find it anywhere on my story to add create characters. Does anyone know how/what I have to select to let the readers create their own Limelight characters?

To have the reader create their characters look, the most common way is to just use a customization template. Dara Amarie has multiple customization for both males and females.

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I’ve tried her templates, but they are not working. How do I select the customization templates, is what I am looking for.

I can assure you they are 100% working templates. Do you have any errors?

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What do you mean by “select the customization templates”? You click on the link, copy and paste the code into your script, change the templates character name to your own character’s name (directions on how to do this are at the top of the template in the link), and voilà! the template works.

Yes, I do. It says that all of the eyebrows, hair styles, etc. do not exist.

The only reason why that error message pops up is because the system does not recognize the character’s script name in the template. You need to change it to your own character’s name.

If you have already done this, then you either misspelled the character’s name or you did not create that character yet.

Why don’t you say control+ H instead of control F?

When you press control+ F you can only delete the name, bot replace it.

either/or works

That’s why it says Click on “ALL” and not just press ctrl+F and type in the name

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Oh, thats what I did for mine and it works then. I honestly don’t know how it isn’t working for you. Sigh

Okay I’ve worked everything out now. Thanks!

This code allows you to send the reader into the Avatar Creator feature to edit any avatar.
@CHARACTER NAME goes to character avatar
This only works for the limelight. This saves a lot of time and lines in the script.

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Now, working for INK as well! :smiley: