Create me contest!

So I thought it would be cool if I did this little contest to see who could make an accurate representation of me as an Episode character. Password: Random

So basically, I tell you my appearance, and you have to create an Episode character based off of that description. Whoever’s character looks like me the most will win an art piece of their choosing. ( I do edits, not drawings ).

Hair: I have long, wavy-ish red hair that hangs in loose curls on the end. It’s a dark red.
Eyes: My eyes are kind of almond shaped. They’re a mixture of blue, grey, and green. They also pop, if you know what I mean.
Nose: I have a small nose that’s curved on the end.
Eyebrows: My eyebrows are thin and arched. Also red
Face: I have a defined jaw and a defined cheekbone line thing. My skin is relatively pale.
Clothing: I usually wear baggy or comfortable clothing. I don’t like to show off much skin. I wear a lot of dark colors, too.

Examples of my art

Have fun!!

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Should we create your character in Limelight or Ink, or is it any style we want?

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I know it’s not good

You didn’t tell anything about your lips

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